Also this new place this year called Bowl. So healthy and good. Easy quick healthy. Good juices too. And the best nail and hair place is across the street too. Try and stay near Ornos if u can 🙂


My favorite beach spots are Alamangou, Hippy Fish, Sole Mar. Dinners i like Sea Satin, Thea, Wolf in Kitchen, Mr. Pug, Interny.


Scorpios Girl Reccos:


my mykonos must dos

- located in the southwest of the island, between paraga beach and agia anna beach
- opens daily from 11 am till 1 am, sometimes longer during high season, especially when we are having a party
- best und biggest party on sunday (the sunday) on our terrace, starting at around 5 pm, other nice parties on tuesday (deep playa heroes) and thursday (horizon), starting at around 5 pm
- on friday (ceremonia) and saturday (scorpiosworld) we have a more relaxing program with djs and artists in our sunset area, starting at around 5 pm
- mondays, wednesdays and fridays are more quiet to have a relaxing dinner in the restaurant or rent a beach cabana with sunbeds during day time
- our restaurant opens daily from noon till midnight, sometimes longer when we are busy and/ or having a party
- we also offer snacks on our sunbeds
- my favourite days are saturday (scorpiosworld), when our resident dj Ilias valeron is playing together with greek musicians in our sunset area and „the sunday“ for dancing from sunset till late on our terrace
- for all kinds of reservations (beach cabana with sunbeds, space in the sunset area, table in the restaurant, table on the terrace during our parties), please contact or reservations team:
phone: +30 2289 029250

other beachclubs:
- nammos (at psarou beach)
- principote (at panormos beach)
- alemagou (at ftelia beach on the right side)

- agios sostis (without sunbeds/ music)
- kapari (without sunbeds/ music)
- loulos (without sunbeds/ music)

- kikis tavern (a must do! next to agios sostis beach, open from noon till sunset, no reservations possible, everybody has to queue, sometimes one hour during high season but it is worth it, the pork chops are the best on the island!)
- fokos tavern (at fokos beach)
- tassos tavern (at paraga beach)
- nikolas tavern (at agia anna beach in the south of the island)
- joanna’s niko’s place (at ammos beach next to mykonos town)

restaurants in town:
- interni
- ling ling by hakassan
- remezzo
- sea satin
-(nobu) matsuhisa (at belvedere hotel)

sunset bars in little venice:
- caprice
- baos
- scarpa

clubs in town:
- void
- astra
- queen
- moni

other must dos:
- 180 sunset bar (best view over mykonos town!)
- sunset at hotel cavo tagoo
- sunset at buddha bar (hotel santa marina)
- sunset at lighthouse armenistis
- the restaurant at bill & coo hotel (one of the best on the island)
- restaurant spilia (located in a cave at agia anna beach in the east of the island)
- restaurant ftelia (located on the left side of ftelia beach, down to earth hippie style during daytime)




  • Highly recommend renting a car there are no taxis on the island.  We use dimitri +306978030060 if you tell him you are friends with Henri and Lele he will give you a good deal.



  • Koursaros (Greek/Japanese) - food and ambiance is excellent, my favourite restaurant in town
  • Matsuhisa (Japanese) - at Belvedere hotel, one of the best there is
  • Chez Catherine (Greek) - more upscale, good for couples
  • Ling Ling (Hakkasan) - pretty standard
  • Spilia (Mediterranean) - built into a cave next to Kalafatis beach. Great for lunch, never been for dinner there.
  • Sea Satin – most fun restaurant – excellent fish and authentic greek experience (at midnight, music gets loud and everyone dances on tables)
  • Nammos - Psarou beach – trendy thing to do during the day – lunch and then restaurant becomes a club where you dance on the table.  A must do once but i personally dont like.
  • Uno con Carne – international food – really good meat + sushi
  • Phos – good Greek food, trendy
  • Remezzo- new restaurant from last year, good international food


Quick place to eat:

  • Mediterraneo- very good pizza on the square opposite Void (see below). Open until 4am.
  • Kalamaki - on the port - good for quick chicken skewers or other very simple Greek food.
  • Catari- decent pizza on the port next door to Leto hotel
  • Allegro – on the port, big menu, quite good quality and good service
  • Piccolo - deli style sandwich spot, near the port in town but hidden away, ask for directions
  • Alexis Souvlaki – You can order from here or go to the restaurant just above town. Decent quality.
  • Jimmy’s – it’s the most popular souvlaki place for the tourists but by far the worst quality – you really have no idea what meat you are eating.  


Beach Tavernas (completely worth it):

  • Alemagou (very relaxing and very good restaurant – a must in my opinion)
  • Tasos Taverna (Paranga beach) - traditional Greek food
  • Agios Sostis taverna (Agios Sostis beach - no reservations, open until 7pm) – No electricity, amazing food – grilled meat and great salads as appetizers, long queue for lunch though unless you go really early. Beach has no umbrellas or deckchairs
  • Solymar (Kalo Livadi beach) – good Greek and international food, a Greek favourite - loud music
  • La Luna (Lia beach) – good Greek food
  • Nicholas Taverna (Agia Anna Beach) – Considered by my friends as the best Greek taverna on the island, traditional
  • Spilia as mentioned above
  • Fokos taverna - long drive but very good food and on a rare deserted beach
  • Scorpios- restaurant turns into a club 3 times a week but good international and Mediterranean food
  • Nammos: as mentioned above
  • Principote de Mykonos: At Panormos beach, good international food, was renamed from principauté to principote so Greeks could pronounce it properly
  • Kalosta- one of my favourite, super peaceful Greek taverna with traditional Greek food



  • Elia – relaxed beach. Has deckchairs but no bar, just 2 restaurants and is very quiet. Stay to the left side of the beach, the right side is gay and nudist.
  • Kalo Livadi – Greek favourite – nice beach and water – 3 restaurants on the beach - Solymar is very lively and has good food, the other 2 are very good but more relaxed
  • Agios Sostis (without umbrellas and deckchairs) – big peaceful beach. Beautiful place to go for a swim and amazing restaurant.
  • Panormos- has some deckchairs and umbrellas but nice long beach with deep water. Crowded near the restaurant but much more space as you go along


With beach bar

  • Paranga – my favourite – beach bar is called Kalua – run by a friend of mine. Chilled during the day but gets loud and pumping at around 5pm
  • Psarou (Nammos) – Mykonos’s equivalent of Nikki beach – I stay away from here on principle but its always packed and apparently is a lot of fun.
  • Scorpios- next to paranga, has parties 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday). Really nice place and always the best crowd but staff can be real wankers


Crazy beach party

  • Scorpios- as above
  • Nammos- as above
  • Paradise beach (Tropicana) – I usually stay clear of this one, full of the dirtiest Italian and Australian tourists.
  • Super paradise – basically big club on the beach. Used to be very gay so never really been.



  • Little Venice – collection of small bars (Scarpa, Caprice, Semele (also has toyroom upstairs) and Galleraki) next to the sea – nice place to sit and watch sunset (with lots of Japanese tourists who clap when the sun disappears) – fun places to go at night for barhopping and cheap shots
  • Astra – Greek favourite – essentially a bar but not bad to go get a drink inside and dance around for a while. Good music.
  • Rock n Roll – Greek favourite – Rock music, good atmosphere



  • Moni- run by a Greek friend from London. Smallish place, plays a mix of hip hop and minimal/deep house. Probably best club in Mykonos at the moment although when crowded can be a bit annoying so get a table.
  • Void- run by son of Astra owner- used to be Space Mykonos, downstairs is minimal house mostly and there's a separate upstairs bit that plays hip hop.
  • Bonbonnière- affiliated with mahiki in London. Plays hip hop music but there's an area outside to smoke shisha.
  • Cavo Paradiso – This is the club on the other side of the island where most of the famous DJs perform. Crazy club, a bitch to get to and full of dirty Italians but if you have a group and can get a table in the VIP section, it’s definitely worth it
  • Paradise Club – Some good DJs play there, smaller than Cavo but same clientele
  • Guzel – in town, the one good afterparty place – always packed every day and I have never been there until closing. No idea why it has a Turkish name but usually the only place that mixes Greeks and tourists.
  • Jackie O’s – Gay club. Great atmosphere and good music.





  • Nammos (it's in Psarou beach. amazing food - kind of turns into a day party from 4-8pm)
  • Interni - in town
  • Sea Satin - make sure to order the lobster spaghetti
  • Nobu Matsuhisa - It's in the Belevdere Hotel
  • Avra - its in a cute little garden in town
  • Phos
  • Mamalouka
  • There is also Sol Y Mar which is in Kalo Livadi Beach, which is very good.
  • Kalita
  • By the way there are only 32 cabs on the whole island so I'd highly recommend renting a car or else ull have to wait ages for a cab.


Katrines - in town low key mom pop rest





  • Uno Con Carne
  • Interni
  • Koursaros
  • Kalita
  • Kiku

    Beach party:
  • Scorpios - Sunday
  • Namos
  • Sant Ana - opens next week
  • Sol y mar
  • Prinkipote panormos
  • Alemagou
  • Friday's only -- Sunset 180

From Abba Friend:

  • Chez Katrine
  • Sea Satin
  • Nammos
  • Alemagoo
  • Nobu at the Belvedere
  • Kiku @ Cavo Tagoo


Here are some recommendations for Mykonos:

These are beach clubs all have food/dinner:

This one is really well known and my friends ate here, said food was awesome. They also have beach bonfires and such!

This is the considered one of the most popular on the island-was right next to our hotel (mykonos blu) the beach is really nice here- 10 minutes from town.

We spent an afternoon here and had fun- the beach was ok the set up was cool! (they seem to only have a Facebook page!)

the ultra trendy Buddha bar but we didn't make it out there!


We ate at Interni and the food was ok (waiter was kinda a jerk)- but the atmosphere was really cool! I would go back for drinks later at night- very cool vibe.

We stopped in at the Belvedere Hotel (myknonos town) for cocktails and we really liked the vibe in there! (looks like an awesome place to stay too!).

We ate at Katrines- and like emily said, it was super expensive but the location was pretty awesome- right in the center of all the walking in town.

We really enjoyed getting an ATV for the day (can rent from hotel or anywhere in town) and going out towards the lighthouse and down to the other parts of the islands which all have beach clubs!  The view from lighthouse was incredible!!

Highly recommend getting a boat for the day and exploring some smaller inhabited islands- this is where you will see the best water!

Here are some recommendations for Santorini- We stayed in Oia and we didnt leave the town.

When the cruise ships come in, its super annoying to be in town so I would say right in the middle of the day, do something else but be in town. Same goes for Mykonos.

We ate here and the restaurant is in the most picturesque location- very close tables but super cozy with a great wine list. We all enjoyed our food.

We watched the the sunset here and it was gorgeous!

We also really had fun at this place which was right off a windy street.

Todd and I ate here, and enjoyed the food! another great view spot!

Also, highly recommend going on a charter boat here too! The water was such a deep blue and we all swam all day and had the best lunch on board- We booked through our hotel - it was Caldera Yachting.  Very well staffed and nice boat.

We also had so much fun at this winery! Beautiful setting and so green!

Things we learnt- going out for dinner before 9pm is pretty lame!

As you know the people were so friendly and the service was great.  We had such an amazing time!!!


Jess 2009 trip:

Greece Recommendations:

Stayed at the Mykonos Grand.
We stayed on the third floor (it was either a suite or a superior sea view room) and the rooms were beautiful.  Had to move to floor 1 for a single night and the regular rooms were not as nice.  
Also had friends recommend Cava Tago hotel (which is more like a Nikki Beach scene – nobu is in that hotel)
Aqua Taverna – had a great dinner here.  Located in heart of Mykonos Town. Very good Italian on the water.  Recommended.
Rent an ATV (4 wheeler) to explore the island.  A must visit is Kiki’s on Agios Sostis Beach (northeast tip of island).  It is a little outdoor restaurant underneath a tree (with no electricity or phone number) and it was quite possibly one our best meals in Greece.  Check this out:
Nammos Restaurant on Psarou Beach: Had lunch here. It is like a Nikki beach scene (somewhat).  Rent a day bed on the beach for 15 euros each for day.  Eat at the restaurant – we ate on the later side 3:45 or so for lunch and it was just getting busy.
Super Paradise & Paradise Beach:  Day beach parties.  You can taxi to them, but we rented an ATV to get around (much more efficient).  Paradise was much more happening when we were there.  Stayed from 2pm – 7pm and party was still going on.
Caprice Bar:  This was a really fun nightspot. Packed bar in Mykonos town. There was a bar/club across the “street” that we had fun at as well.  

Must stay in Oia.  
Stayed at Andronis Suites hotel.  It was the most amazing hotel ever.  16 rooms.  We had a suite with the hot tub outside.  They serve you breakfast (room service) every morning in your room – ate on balcony. It was amazing.
One of the trip highlights was the wine tasting at the hotel (whether you stay here or not, I’d recommend).  You sit on the private terrace overlooking the water and the Santorini landscape.  Go before sunset so you can take in the views.  You try 5 bottles of wine and a dessert wine and keep what you don’t finish (believe about $220 or so for just the tasting.)  They serve a cheese platter with the tasting but you can also order dinner here. Only one tasting a night (one table) so book in advance.
Ate at Demitri’s on the harbor.  You can walk down the stairs to the restaurant (long ways) or take a cab down.  We missed the sunset but apparently they have a great view of the sunset, so can do an earlier dinner and watch the sun go down.  Delicious seafood pasta.  All fresh fish.
Make sure you see the Oia sunset.  Walk to the end of town to view or go to the harbor area.
Spent the day on Captain Ted’s Boat. He is a guy who moved from jersey to Greece in 1995 and opened up this sailing company.  You can do a private tour or semi private (did latter as enjoyed the company) and you go around the island on the boat, soak up the rays, swim, snorkel, visit the hot springs (not so hot!!!) and they cook a delicious meal on the boat.  Well worth it.
We had asked Ted for a local recommendation for dinner, of which turned out to be our favorite meal of the trip.  I can’t type out the name, so here is a pic of the name of the restaurant.   Cash only.  Extremely delicious.  It is about 20 minutes outside of Oia, so you take a cab (which nearly cost more than the dinner itself). Make a reservation (hotel will do for you.)